About Us

More Than Play is a hub for parents, teachers, therapists, and clinicians, to locate the best sensory and educational toys on the market. We partner with distinguished manufactures in the educational and sensory toy space to bring valuable toys that are specifically designed to help children develop and grow.

We have a rigorous process of selecting products on our website. All of our originally offered toys are provided by manufacturers that have done the research and development necessary to deliver on the promise of sensory stimulation. Our continued commitment to providing these toys is our promise to give our customers the very best toys we can find in the market today.

Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for the most cognitively and physically stimulating products available. It is our mission to continually enhance our product offering, so that we can supply developing children with the best fun and functional toys. Through the products we offer, we hope that playtime, will become much More Than Play.