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Nurture Smart Mobile

Welcome to More Than Play!

Our site includes carefully selected products ranging from unique toys and games created to meet the needs of children with special needs to our new Nurture Smart line designed to enrich the lives of children while they are in the hospital. More Than Play’s mission is to provide unique products that combine fun with sensory features that promote brain development and motivate physical activity. We work with trusted suppliers who have many years of experience in specialty product design and we are confident your child will reap developmental benefits by using these innovative products. Our hope is that we can continually give the gift of play to children that traditionally had very few options that address their unique needs. Thank you for coming!

The Nurture Smart Product Line!

More Than Play now offers the Nurture Smart Mobile – the most advanced crib mobile available. This affordable addition to every child’s crib offers sensory experiences developed by parents, teachers and Certified Child Life Specialists to jump-start your child’s development. It offers unique comforting sounds, multiple visual stimulation features, and can be easily cleaned and disinfected! Look for more amazing Nurture Smart products coming in 2017!

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What is a More Than Play Toy?

Toys must be FUN FIRST but children are also engaged by, and attracted to, toys that provide multi-sensory experiences.  Such features might include contrasting colors for visual stimulation, music, chiming or other sound producing devices for auditory stimulation, multiple materials for tactile stimulation, and various scents for olfactory stimulation. Sensory stimulation activates brain pathway growth and is critical to promoting healthy cognitive development. Toy features can also be designed to motivate children to reach out and explore their environment which encourages the physical activity necessary for the development of major or minor motor skills.  Click on the images below to learn more about the design of some of our most popular stimulating toys.

What People Are Saying About the NurtureSmart!

"...His entire hospital stay was over 3 weeks. He loved it so much, we immediately ordered one for home..."

"The mobiles are fantastic! Just what we need for our infant patients for developmentally appropriate stimulation. We have searched for years for mobiles that meet our infection control standards and now we have it"

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Why are Sensory Toys Important

Play is an integral part of a child's physical and cognitive development process. Engaging in playtime utilizing sensory toys provides an added advantage over standard toys and can stimulate a child linguistically, socially, emotionally, and creatively. We have selected toys and games that are fun first yet designed to promote physical activity and sensory stimulation related to sight, sound, touch, and taste. With our toys, you can turn your child’s "playtime" into More Than Play!

Check Out These Sensory Toys

Click on one of the images below to explore the ways that these toys employ sensory stimulation during playtime!

Echo the Elephant Shape Sensation Toy Rib It Ball